Gillian McCarron - Artist and Designer
Contemporary paintings / Squarespace Freelancer. Located in Calgary.
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Why hire a web designer?

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Why hire a web designer?

See how I can help.

There are a number of convenient web builder tools available today, so why hire a web designer? As a Squarespace web designer I can help you:


Build your website in less time

My familiarity with Squarespace allows me to quickly:

  • select styles that will best suit your needs

  • organize content clearly

  • find beautiful images that support your content

Handle all the tech and “behind the scenes” details

My experience with Squarespace means I know how to manage the settings that will:

  • link your own domain to your website

  • drive more traffic to your site with search engine optimization

  • set up secure traffic through SSL certificates

  • link social media accounts to your site

Teach you how to maintain your own site

After each project is over I provide you with documents and tutorials that teach you how to update and maintain the basics of your website:

  • step by step documents and video guides

  • conveniently update your content without the need to hire a designer again

Remain available afterwards for further support

I can further help with things you may not have time to change yourself, or more advanced problems not covered in the tutorials I send you, including:

  • expanding your site and adding new pages

  • setting up new features for example blogs and calendars

  • custom vector graphics


Sounds good? Get in touch!

Please reach out if you are interested in talking with me.